How to Configure and Use the AiRForm Review Process

AiRForm Review Process

The new AiRForm review process allows for the assignment of “reviewers” to AiRForms. These reviewers may either “approve” or “reject” an AiRForm that they are reviewing. If the AiRForm is approved, the author can then go on and publish the AiRForm. If the AiRForm is rejected, the AiRForm is reverted back to the Draft state, and the author needs to make changes and re-submit it for review.


The first step in configuring the AiRForm review  process is to create AiRForm Review Flows. These are lists of reviewers for the AiRForms. You can have as many reviewers as you would like.


The first option allows you to choose between requiring all of the reviewers to review the AiRForm, or requiring that only one needs to review it.

The next option is "Close the review upon first rejection". When this option is selected, if any one reviewer rejects the AiRForm, the rejection notification is sent, and the AiRForm is placed back into Draft status. But if this option is not selected, all reviewers can give their approve/reject decision before the notification is sent to the AiRForm author.


Once your AiRForm review flows are created, AiRForm authors can now select the appropriate Review Flow from the drop-down list.


Simply select the appropriate Review flow, and save the AiRForm configuration page.


Now, when an author has completed their AiRForm and saved it, they can select the Send for Review option on the drop-down menu.


The author can then enter a comment and then click the SEND button.


The approvers are notified in-app and email (if their Atheer account has an email address associated with it). Then they can go to the AiRForms page and filter by “To be approved by me” and see all the AiRForms that are assigned to them for approval.


Once they review the AiRForm, they can choose to approve or reject it.


The approver can then enter a comment and then click the REJECT button.


If approved, the author will be notified in-app and through email and will be able to publish the AiRForm. If rejected, the author will be notified, the AiRForm will revert back to the Draft state, and the author will need to review, edit, and re-submit for approval.

Many organizations have predefined reviewers for processes by function and/or expertise. The ability to define the Review flow and use them in the AiRForm review cycle helps organizations ensure AiRForm quality and facilitate their compliance requirements.

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