What's New in the Habb Release Drop 1

The Atheer Front Line Worker Platform Habb Release-Drop 1 is now available. This latest update to the Atheer Front Line Worker Platform introduces many new capabilities designed to improve the user experience, enhance support for privacy, and improves enterprise readiness across your front line teams (including across your extended enterprise).

We invite you to schedule a demo with your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive to learn more about how the Habb release can help you with your most important work initiatives.

Please remember that you have access to all the amazing features of the platform as part of your subscription - we don’t want you to miss out!


Users will benefit from quick access to search and scan features, more intuitive browsing logic, new audio options during AiRSessions, and easy access to downloading captured videos and pictures.

Improved search experience on Atheer Lens

A search field has been added to the top of the Atheer Lens home screen that provides integrated search results that include Topics, Content, People, and AiRForms.

Also, direct access to the scan feature has been inserted into the far right side of the search field. This button takes you to the Scan tool for QR code, barcode, and text scans.

Now, users can instantly access the search and SmartScan functions directly from the top of the Lens home screen, which will speed up getting access to the information and help they need.



Improved Explore experience on Atheer Lens

The Lens Explore screen has been improved and simplified to give users quick and easy access to the information they're browsing for.

The new search bar with its  SmartScan button is at the very top of the screen. Below that, there’s a horizontally scrolling tab buttons list for Topics, Content, People, AiRForms, Shared with Me, Bookmarks, and Added by Me.

Each of these tab buttons reveals the in-app resources that users have long relied upon to answer their questions and reach out for help.

Exploring in Lens is now much more consistent and intuitive and presents needed information and resources in a logical and quick-access fashion.



Users can now select their AiRSession audio source in Atheer Lens.

When using Atheer Lens on handheld devices, users now have the option to select their audio source during AiRSessions. They can choose between the device’s speaker, phone, or any connected Bluetooth device. Simply tap the new Audio Selection button, and make the choice.



Atheer Studio users can now easily download videos and images that were uploaded with Atheer Lens.

A new download button has been added to the Photo and Video Content details page in Atheer Studio.

Now, photos and videos downloaded by users on Atheer Lens will show up in the Atheer Studio Content library and can now be accessed through the edit tool and downloaded to the host computer’s local drive.

Also, all other photo and video Content can be downloaded this same way.

Customers can now instantly and easily download photos and videos and share them with all relevant parties whether or not they’re Atheer users.



Support has been added for Atheer Lens users to use a fully qualified domain name as their “Workspace”.

Lens users can now enter a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) in the workspace name field.

Customers can now use a single FQDN workspace name that will work with Atheer Studio (Web) and Atheer Lens.



Platform feature flag changes are now easily updated on Atheer Lens

Changes made to feature flag settings in Atheer Studio are now easily updated in-session on Atheer Lens.

Lens users simply need to jump from one screen to another (or refresh the home screen on iOS devices), and that will execute the refreshing process that checks the workspace feature flag settings and updates them as necessary in real time in the app.

Users no longer have to go through the process of signing out and then back into the app to get updated with the new feature flag settings.



Customers will benefit from documented user agreements for the recorded of AiRSessions, Configurable Terms of Service and Privacy Policies, and guest consent to Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.

A new privacy notification is presented before participating in recorded AiRSessions.

Atheer can now notify AiRSession participants that an AiRSession is being recorded. When participants join by Desktop (Studio) or the mobile app (Lens), their screen will display a recording consent agreement.

Atheer allows you to require that all participants digitally consent to being recorded during live AiRSessions, which ensures that the users know they are being recorded and therefore reduces the chances of any legal action.


Configurable “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy” settings

Customers now have the option to provide URLs that link Atheer to their “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy”.

Once activated, a message with hyperlinks will appear at the bottom of the sign-in pages that state, “By signing in, you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.”

Requiring users to have to accept the AiRSession terms and conditions before they sign into Atheer ensures that your users are aware of the rules outlining their service and content.



Guest invite now includes a checkbox indicating an acceptance to
"Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy"

When guests are invited to join AiRSessions, they are required to check the box that indicates that they accept the “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy”.

The Join AiRSession button will not activate unless this checkbox is ticked.

Requiring guest users to have to accept the AiRSession terms and conditions before they can join AiRSessions ensures your guest users are aware of the rules outlining their service and content.




Customers will benefit from the addition of six new supported languages, easily customizable AiRSession email & SMS invitation templates, and multi-language AiRSession guest email and SMS invitations.

Support has been added for six additional languages.

We have expanded our international language support to 18 different languages adding in:

  • Danish
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Swedish
  • Turkish


Customization has been added to AiRSession email and SMS invitation templates.

Customers can now customize the wording on their email and SMS AiRSession invitations to represent their corporate communication standards.

This customization feature includes templates for all 18 supported languages on the platform. These templates default to English, but customers can easily replace the English wording with their own wording in their relevant languages.



Support added for multi-language AiRSession guest email and SMS invitations

While inviting Guests to AiRSessions using email and SMS invitations, you now have the option to choose which language is best suited for your guest on a guest by guest basis.

This feature uses the templates that are configured in the “Notifications” setting.

Now, customers can easily invite guest experts from all around the world to AiRSessions in their own language.



In addition to the above, there are other updates and fixes in the Habb Release-Drop 1 that improve performance and the user experience throughout the platform.

Look out for Habb Release-Drop 2 in the upcoming months.

Please feel free to reach out to our customer success team for additional information (support@atheerair.com).

Look out for Habb Release-Drop 2 coming in July.

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