2 - AiRSessions Navigation Article for Mobile Devices


The purpose of this article is to teach new users how to use the Atheer Lens app AiRSessions feature on a mobile device.

This article highlights the major features and functions of Atheer AiRSessions on mobile devices and will demonstrate how to navigate inside an AiRSession as well as showcase all of the AiRSession primary features and functions. Let’s get started.

AiRSession Launch & Interface

Let’s start from the Atheer Lens home screen. Let’s use the AiRSessions Join quick action button

From this screen, you can join an in-progress AiRSession. Enter the AiRSession number that the host of the AiRSession gives you. Tap Join. You are now joined into the AiRSession. Notice the two buttons at the top, right corner of the screen.

You can tap the  (camera) button to switch between the forward-facing camera and the selfie camera.

You can tap the  (flash) button to turn on and off the device's camera flash.

You can tap the  (screen capture) button to capture the image being shown on the screen.

Notice the AiRSession Toolbar on the bottom of the screen.

  • You can tap the Audio button to turn off and on the microphone.
  • You can tap the Video button to turn off and on the device’s camera.
  • You can tap the Annotate button to activate the Annotation feature, where you can choose between Image mode and Live mode.
  • Image mode will capture a still image of what’s being shown on the screen and allow you to use the annotation tool to draw on the image, point things out, and even type text over the image.
  • You can choose to save the annotation by tapping the  (save) button.
  • Tap the Annotate button again to leave Annotation mode.
  • Tapping the Annotate button again, we can select Live mode. Live mode allows you to annotate over the live video stream. You can draw on the video stream, point things out, and record the video of the stream.
  • Tap the Annotate button again to leave Annotation mode.

Notice that there’s a  (viewing users) slide button towards the bottom, left side of the screen above the AiRSession Toolbar.

  • Tap on the  (viewing users) button to change your screen view to any of the other users’ screens.
  • Tap the  (viewing users) button again to minimize the tool.

Notice that you can slide the toolbar up and reveal even more features.

Tap the Chat button to begin a conversation with the users in the AiRSession. In Chat, you can type text messages, record audio messages, and attach files from the internal Atheer Content Library or even your device’s stored photos and videos.

Tap Cancel. Tap the (back) button to stop chatting.

Sliding the AiRSession Toolbar up again, you can see that there are a few other features.

  • You can tap on the AiRSession Details to see more information about the AiRSession.
  • You can tap on Invite Users to search for and invite additional people to the AiRSession.
  • And you can see a list of the users within the AiRSession.

Slide the AiRSession  Toolbar back down.

  • Tap the Leave button.
  • Tap Leave to confirm.
  • You are now back at the home screen.

So that’s it. You should now know how to navigate an AiRSession using a mobile device.

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