3 - AiRSessions Insights Article for RealWear Devices


The purpose of this article is to teach new users how to use the Atheer Lens app AiRSessions feature on a RealWear HTM-1 hands-free device.

This article highlights the major features and functions of Atheer AiRSessions on RealWear hands-free devices and will demonstrate how to review past AiRSessions and review their details and media. Let’s get started.


Past AiRSession Overview

Let’s start from the Atheer Lens home screen.

Say, “AiRSessions”. You are now on the AiRSessions screen.

Say, “Past.” You will now see the first in a list of your past AiRSessions. You can move back and forth between the past AiRSessions by saying, “Next page,” and “Previous page.”

  • To review a past AiRSession, say, “Select Item 1.”
  • This screen shows you the details of the selected past AiRSession. You can scroll through this page by saying, “Page down,” and “Page up.”

Say, “Page down.” At the bottom of the detail page you will see links to recordings and annotations if any were taken during the selected AiRSession. Use the “Select item” tool to view them.

Say, “Go back,” to go back to the Past AiRSessions screen.

Say, Home,” to go back to the Home screen.

So that’s it. You should now know how to review past AiRSession reports, data, and captured media. To learn more about how Atheer Lens works on a RealWear device, go to the Explore page, open the In-app Training topic, and watch the training videos and read the training articles. Or, you can see those same videos and articles on the Atheer Help Center.

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