How to Configure Datasets to Drive Choice Responses

Advanced configuration options for Choice response in AiRForms

Entering data during a Job can be as simple as selecting from a set of choices. It's easy to design and publish multiple choice screens with a range of pre-designed layouts from a pre-configured Dataset.

A Dataset is a collection of text, numbers, or other values that relate to a particular subject. Datasets can now be used to drive the “Choice” response (a multiple-choice list from which to choose your response) in Atheer AiRForms. Datasets can also be used in Atheer SmartFlows.

Creating a Dataset

  1. Log into Atheer Studio and click on the mceclip1.png (AiRForms) button on the Atheer Toolbar.


  2. Click on the mceclip2.png (Settings) button at the top right corner of the AiRForms page.


  3. On the left side of the Settings page, click on the Dataset tab.


  4. Click on the top, right corner of the Dataset page, click on the New button.


  5. In the New Dataset pop-up, type in a name for your Dataset and click the Create button.


  6. Click the Add Column button at the top right corner of the Dataset configuration page.


  7. Choose between Text, Number, Date, and AiRForm column types.
    • Text: Type in a column name who's results will be a field to enter text
    • Number: Type in a column name who's results will be a field to number
    • Date: Type in a column title who's result will be a date to enter
    • AiRForm: Type in a column field who's results will be a selected existing AiRForm
      NOTE: You need to be a member of the AiRForm's audience in order to see the AiRForm on the selection list.


  8. Type in the names for the columns.
  9. Click on the Add Row button and fill in the fields for the new row.


  10. Once the Dataset is complete, click on the Save button at the top, right corner of the screen.


Utilizing a Dataset in AiRForm Choices

Now that there is a Dataset on the service, you can use that Dataset as a response choice in an AiRForm. Simply click on the Responses button, select Multiple Choice option, and then click on the Refer dataset button. You will then see your configured Dataset choices on the Select Dataset pull-down list.


For more information on configuring AiRForm choices, check out the other AiRForm Help articles in the Atheer Help Center.




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