What are Atheer SmartScans?

Atheer SmartScans can be rapidly created (with no coding required) to recognize a physical object from a phone, tablet, or smart glasses installed with Atheer Air Lens.

The results of a SmartScan can be connected to present related content, AR workflows, experts, and IIOT or machine data.

What are the core features of Atheer SmartScans?

  • Easily create a SmartScan by letting Atheer generate a QR code which you can then download or print.
  • Easily create a SmartScan by linking to your existing QR codes.
  • Connect the SmartScan to content, AiRForms, and experts to instantly display highly contextual resources.  No coding required.
  • Limit access to SmartScan results  to named individuals or audiences. Secure by design.
  • Get real time insights on the execution of all your SmartScans.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer success team right here.

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