Using SmartScans with Atheer Lens on a Mobile Device

How to perform a SmartScan

Follow the steps below to execute a Job using Atheer Lens on a mobile device:

  1. From the Atheer Lens App homescreen, scroll down to find the Scan section.


  2. You’ll see three options - QR Code, Barcode, and Text. Select the appropriate option for your need. 

  3. When in scan mode, you can choose between QR code, Barcode, and Text scans.

    NOTE: In future releases, OCR and Object scan modes will also be available.


  4. When in the chosen scan mode, simply hover the  device so that the code is in the center of the scanning guide.  If the code has been set up in Atheer, it will be quickly recognized, and associated results presented.

Scan results are organized into Content that has been previously setup in Atheer (documents, files, videos, images, etc.), People (Atheer users that you can connect with via video or chat), and AiRForms (work instructions; step-by-step guides; procedures, etc.).

Simply click on the resource that is most useful.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer success team right here.

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