What's new in Kelvin Release of Atheer

What’s New in the Kelvin Release of Atheer

The Atheer Unified Platform Kelvin Release is now available.



In our continuing effort to support our enterprise customers, we have added some great new  features and functionalities.

Topic - Support for Tiles that allow explore / search of topics only

Atheer now has the ability to separate your Atheer Content into independent lists of Topics using topical tiles on the Configurable Home Screen.

As in this example, when your users tap on the "My Equipment" tile, they only see Topics associated with the equipment they service. When they tap on the "Product Finder" tile, they will be able to browse through the listing of your product offerings.

With this completely configurable home screen, customers will be able to present to their users exactly the features and functionality they need to perform their jobs in a very easy to use and navigate UI.



Support for Multiple Value Extended fields on Topics

Topics and Content now support extended metadata fields (descriptors) that can be used as filters during searches. The extended fields feature flag needs to be enabled, and once enabled, administrators can add and edit these fields.


Once the feature is activated, you can go to the Topics home page and click on the settings sign (Topic Fields) button on the top, right corner of the page to access Topic Fields page. Then, click on the (Add Field) button to create a new Topic Field. These fields can be required or optional, and they can be Text, Boolean, Number, Decimal, List, Date, or Array types. 



If you choose the List type, an “Option” tab will appear where you can create your list that will appear in a pull-down menu as new topics are created.




Click the ADD NEW button to create list items. Click on the “Untitled Option” button to enter the Label and Description of each item.



There’s no limit to the number of items you can add to a list.



Extended fields expand the search capabilities of Topics and Content allowing administrators to group Topics and Content by these extended fields.

They can also be used as categories for the new “Product Finder” feature on the Configurable Desktop, and they won’t overlap in their search results.




Support to set multiple parent topic for a Topic

There is now no limitation to the number of Parent Topics that can be assigned to a Sub Topic.

A configuration has been changed in Topic Settings page. The “Select Topic” field (where you used to assign a Parent Topic) has been removed. 



Now, you simply go to the Parent Topic’s details page and click on the SUB TOPICS tab. Then, click on the plus sign (Add Sub Topic) button to assign Sub Topics to this Parent Topic. 



Now customers can have a single source of information (a Topic and the Content, Users, and AiRForms within it) shared across multiple Parent Topics.

When changes are made to a Sub Topic’s Content, Users, or AiRForms, it only needs to be changed once, and any Parent Topics that call up that Sub Topic will see the change reflected immediately.


Support for facet-based filter for Topics

Atheer Lens will now present a count of Sub Topics while filtering a Topic list from the Product Finder feature of the Customizable Home Screen. 

When the Product Finder list of Topics is presented, it shows you a number of Sub Topics within each filter. As you select your filters from the list, you will see a count of the Sub Topics that will be presented to you on the Show button.  As you add filters to your search, you will see the narrowing results in the counts of available Sub Topics.

Users of Atheer Lens will now be able to receive this direct feedback from their search results that can help them navigate and filter down to the exact information that they are looking for.



Topic Finder - custom filtered search of Topics

Atheer has added the ability to configure a customizable message and/or link to an AiRForm that is displayed when the selected filters show a result of zero Topics that meet the filters in the Lens user’s search.

As users browse through the Topics in Lens, when they get to the point where there are no results, they can receive a friendly message and a link to a call-to-action.



Configurable home screen - additional styling, layout, controls

New design features have been added to the Configurable Home Screen feature for Atheer Lens:

  • Home screen tile color
  • Home screen background color
  • Drawer tile color
  • Tile label text color (hex codes)
  • Tile label placement
  • Background Image and its opacity
  • Primary color behind background image (if used)
  • No visual difference between group and non-group tiles
  • Show / hide the floating Scan button
  • Show /hide the AiRSessions and Jobs buttons in the navigation bar

The Configurable Home Screen is now much more versatile and able to support many use cases. 





Atheer continues to grow our Atheer AiRForm capabilities in order to provide the best and most effective digital work instructions to our customers. Take a look at these new features and enhancements from the Iris release.

Single Scan of Barcode to populate multiple responses

Support to allow single barcode scan to populate multiple responses across steps in the Job.

The barcode response molecule now has a new optional property called “Input”. When not specified, the system will prompt the user to scan a barcode. However, the input can be specified as the scanned value from a previous barcode response as well; in which case the same scanned value can be used across multiple responses. 

Computed Responses

The response / column will be a computed value based as per AiRForm definition.

The computed value can be: 

  1. Constant - any constant value
  2. Keyword 
  3. Function

The computation will also support conditions. This is applicable on all types of number responses and text responses and columns. 

Job Attribute Setter molecule

The Job Attribute Setter response can be used to set the Job attribute automatically at any step in the AiRForm based on designated values. The response can also be seen in the Job board as well as part of the data export.

The Job attribute value change can be visible on Job boards when a user either pauses, hands off, or completes the Job.

A custom Job attribute can be updated at any step in the AiRForm - not just when editing the Job details.

For example, a custom job status can be auto-updated using the job setter molecule.



As of the Kelvin release, we have introduced a brand new custom object - Ticket

What can be configured in a ticket definition?

  1. Title and prefix
    1. For example a Ticket can be an “Issue”,  so the title or name could be “Issue”
    2. Additionally we can set a prefix - for example: issue could have prefix “ISS”. This means that every “Issue” would have a unique id number prefixed with the letters “ISS” 
  2. Custom Attributes 
    1. Set label and type
    2. Types supported
      1. Text
      2. Number, Percentage, Scientific
      3. Date, Date time
      4. Multiple choice
      5. Barcode, QR Code
      6. Arithmetic
      7. Yes/No
      8. Checkbox
      9. Photo, Video, Audio
      10. File
      11. Signature
      12. Object - User, Team
  3. Lifecycle
    1. Lifecycle statuses (for example “Open”, “In Progress” etc) and transitions
    2. For example, not only can the status labels be custom, the transitions (actions) can also be set.
    3. Permissions can be set on which user can transition status - this can be used if for instance certain types of Tickets can be closed by only specific users

In addition to the ticket definitions, Ticket boards can be defined for listing screens, filter and sort definitions. Ticket boards can be set up across the Atheer Lens app and the Web. Tickets also support comments.

The Ticket can be used for modeling issues, escalations, service requests in addition to equipment log entries and more.



In addition to the above, there are other updates and fixes in the Kelvin release that improve performance and the user experience throughout the platform.

Please feel free to reach out to our customer success team for additional information:  support@atheerair.com


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