Iris Release November Drop 2

This latest update to the Iris Release of the Atheer Platform introduces several new capabilities designed to expand on the functionality of the Iris Release features.

Create separate Configurable Home Screen tiles that take you to independent lists of Topics

Atheer now has the ability to separate your Atheer Content into independent lists of Topics using topical tiles on the Configurable Home Screen. 

If you want to create one tile that will take your users to Topics related to their current projects, and a separate tile that will allow them to browse through your complete list of current equipment offerings, Atheer has you covered.

Atheer has the capability to differentiate "kinds" of Topics and present them in Atheer Lens separately and independently through tiles in the Configurable Home Screen. For example, you can have a home screen tile designated as "My Projects" and another home screen tile designated as "Equipment Finder".

Using this new feature, when your users tap on the "My Projects" tile, they only see Topics associated with their assigned projects. When they tap on the "Equipment Finder" tile, they will be able to browse through the listing of your equipment offerings, and also not see the "My Project"  Topics.

Please reach out to your CSM to leverage this capability in your workspace.




View Topic lists that now include thumbnail images

Would it be helpful to have small thumbnail images in the list view of the Atheer Lens Topic screen, so you can more easily identify the content within each Topic? Well, Atheer can do just that.

Atheer now shows the Topic thumbnail image in the list view of topics on Atheer Lens when using the Customizable Home Screen feature. The Topic’s assigned thumbnail image is automatically sized down to an icon and placed on the Topic line in the list view. This helps users visually identify the specific Topic they are looking for within the list of Topics that are presented on the screen.



Configure the default Topics listing view mode - grid or list

Do you have an idea which view of the Topics is the best place to start for your Atheer Lens users? 

Atheer now has the capability to define which view of Topics (grid view or list view) will be presented by default in the Topics screen when the Topic button is tapped on the Customizable Home Screen.

With this Customizable Home Screen configuration setting, you can be confident that your users will see the Topics list in the best configuration. Of course, the user can choose to change the list view at any time by tapping the view selector buttons at the top, right corner of the Topics screen



Scan Data Matrix Codes (DMCs) with the Atheer Lens QR code scanner function

Have you ever worried you might scan the wrong object on a product label because the objects are tiny and placed very close together? Well, Atheer has that problem solved.

The Atheer QR code scanner can decode DMCs along with standard QR codes. In the scanner app on Atheer Lens, slide the selector to the QR code mode, and scan the DMC or QR codes to get your information.

Since the DMC scan is now part of the QR code scan function, if you’re scanning a barcode that is on a label next to a DMC, the DMC will not be recognized or scanned.


View Sub Topic counts while searching for content

How do you know if your search filters are effective at narrowing down the list of products to help you find what you’re looking for? 

Atheer Lens will now present a count of Sub Topics while browsing a Topic list from the Customizable Home Screen. Now, when a list of Topics is presented, you will see a count of the Sub Topics that are below the parent Topics on the list view. As you add filters to your search, you will see the narrowing results in the counts of available Sub Topics

This will help you identify the number of Sub Topics that are available down the topic tree that you are browsing. If the list of Sub Topics is too long, you can narrow your search by selecting additional filters.



In addition to the above, there are other updates and fixes in this release that improve performance and the user experience throughout the platform.

Please feel free to reach out to our customer success team for additional information (



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